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8 Female TV Characters Who Get Way Too Much Hate

lori-walking-dead-112913-447f17e17f099ab5Female characters in television have come a long way in recent years. No longer are they resigned to being secondary roles, existing only as window dressing or as damsels in need of saving.

Yes, those types of roles are still out there, but there now just as many strong, uniquely-spirited women featured on some of the most critically-beloved series ever created. The problem is that, even though critics may love the show (as well as the idea of a strong woman), they tend to dislike a lot of these complex female roles.

Sometimes it’s a case of poor writing, other times questionable casting, but more often than not, we seem to relish the idea of hating the women in our favorite TV shows who “get in the way” of the stories we really want to see.

“Why are they talking so much? When do we get back to more of Don Draper acting like an complete a-hole? Will someone stop these ladies from getting their personalities all over my TV screen??”

There are plenty of annoying or useless male characters in this Golden Age of Television

What Does It Take to Be a Stuntman

stuntmen-7These days, you can’t go to an action movie without seeing crazy car crashes and gigantic explosions. But who is behind these dangerous stunts you see on the big screen? Complex spoke to Hollywood’s leading stuntmen, who shared intriguing insight into this exciting yet terrifying world.

Kevin Scott, Stunt Coordinator

Being a stuntman is one of the greatest jobs in the world, says Kevin Scott, stunt coordinator for the movie, Lone Survivor (out on DVD and Blu-ray now). “We get paid to play! We travel all over the world and work with incredibly talented people in all trades of entertainment. If you’re fortunate enough to stay busy, the money you can make isn’t bad either!”

But what does it take to be a stuntman? Like any career, you have to have tools; for a stuntman, it’s his or her body.

“We are very much like a professional athlete,” Scott explains. “Most of us have a particular skill set that ‘got our feet in the door.’ Having experience in contact sports, gymnastics, boxing, martial arts, racing etc. is a good start. Then you begin what should be a never ending training

10 things no one tells you about stand up comedy

photo11. It’s harder than it looks

Arena fillers such as John Bishop and Peter Kay make it appear that they have gone straight from chatting to their mates in the pub to filling enormodomes. Don’t be fooled: it is ferociously difficult to make stand-up look this easy.

‘Overnight success’ Micky Flanagan spend a decade mastering his craft before you’d ever heard of him.

2. Stand-up comedians lie

I was watching a comedian at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this week – no names, no pack drill – and he talked about the difficulties he had had getting to the gig. Oversleeping, sorting out babysitters, getting lost, etc. Funnily, he had had exactly the same difficulties getting to the gig I saw him do two weeks earlier at the Latitude Festival. Either he tells the same story all the time or he needs to get more organised.

3. You have to ignore the critics

If you want to be a successful comedian, don’t worry about making the nerdy critics who lurk at the back of gigs with their little pens laugh. Concentrate on the people

13 Celebrities You Forgot Were Criminals

Everyone makes mistakes, and the plus side of not being famous is that thankfully the whole world doesn’t find out when you’ve majorly screwed up. It doesn’t make the morning headlines, your mug shot isn’t plastered all over TV and it doesn’t ruin your career. Provided nobody puts it on Twitter and you get mob justiced into oblivion, of course.

But then, just because someone is famous doesn’t mean that they’re not human, they make their fair share of mistakes too. For some reason, a lot of them are probably a lot bigger than yours, because being famous ruins your perspective and your ability to modulate your behaviour. Even then, though, like everything, news becomes old and people move onto the next mistake of some other fallen star and stars with impressive rap sheets end up seeing their various crimes forgotten about entirely…


13. Bill Gates

Crime: Driving without a license and speeding

In 1975, Bill Gates had just created the world’s first micro computer and after being arrested for driving without a licence, he was probably able to make his $1000 bail with the spare change he had in his wallet.

He was also caught running a stop sign and driving without a license two

10 Reasons You Should Love Nicki Minaj

Nikki (nee Onika) Minaj (nee Maraj) is a polarising figure. Over the last decade, she has developed into a woman who is as hated by her detractors as she is adored by her fans.

Few musicians have succeeded in as many areas of the industry as Minaj, who has topped pop charts around the world while maintaining her credibility as one of the best rappers working today. In addition to her musical success, she is also a style icon and a woman unafraid to speak truth to power.

This isn’t enough for some people. The detractors will say that her music is overrated and her image too constructed. They’ll say that she is a bad role model for young women or an unacceptable face of feminism. They’ll mock her body or her makeup or her hair. They’ll side with Miley Cyrus in the great Minaj v Cyrus War Of 2015.

Those detractors are wrong. Everything she has achieved and contributed to the often-dull-and-samey pop culture landscape is to be celebrated. Her music and public persona exist at the perilous intersection of pop, hip hop, race and sexuality and she thrives in that tricky position. Nicki Minaj deserves every bit of success she’s had and more.

10 TV Shows That Were Doomed From The Start

Sometimes a great idea is conceived, carefully nurtured, blossoms and becomes a treatment, then a pilot, then a freshman season, and finally television history, a ratings smash and an award-munching critical juggernaut. Far more often, unfortunately, that great idea is derailed somewhere along the way and never sees the light of day.

And then there are the other ones. The palsied, genetically stunted misfit siblings to those creative gems: the televisual abortions that somehow avoid all the pitfalls of television production that normally break the ankles of hopeful pilots looking to break the big time.

Some TV shows are just such a terrible, terrible idea that they should have been put down before they came within a hundred miles of a television set. Tragically, several have proven to be reasonably financially successful, which a) proves that there’s no accounting for taste and b) gives unwanted encouragement to the people in charge, letting them believe that they’re on the right track.

I don’t care how many people watched them, bought the boxsets or cosplayed the lead characters on their wedding days: they’re not on the right track. They left the right track a long time ago, and are now lost in the haunted swamp

10 TV Shows With Major Behind The Scenes Tension

Not everyone gets along as well in real life as they do in their show. That can refer to relationships between members of the cast, between cast members and writers/producers, and between production companies, actors, and networks. Television is a cut throat business, and these days, it’s all about ratings – shows are not kept around because they have critical appeal, at least not usually, and they aren’t given much time to build an audience if they don’t taste success right out of the gate.

Given the number of people involved in producing a television show, combined with the pressure we’ve just discussed, you’re bound to have cases where actors, writers, producers, networks, etc. simply do not get along. There are plenty of examples, so we’re going to pick ten top shows to take a look at. There are the obvious ones, like Roseanne and her writers, and the not-so-obvious ones, like Buffy’s lesser known (but often superior) spin-off Angel. We’ll name a few more, and take a look at how and why things went wrong.

For the most part, these shows survived their behind the scenes drama – for better or worse. However, in a lot of these cases, we really don’t